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Monday, January 07, 2013

Stunned Sparrow

A fine morning during Winter Break, one of our regular backyard visitors flew right into our back door and fell down stunned. I didn't notice it, but the little girl did as she was sitting by the glass door getting ready for some project she had in mind, and bird-watching.

Her fervent words caught my attention and I managed to find a cardboard box to shelter the bird in. Afraid to hurt it further, I just put the box over the bird so the cat wouldn't get her. Yeah, I assumed the little birdie is a female...

Papa was summoned post haste. The bird was checked for broken wings and legs and such. She seemed fine, except a bit stunned. So, we gave her a few sunflower seeds, some water, and left her in the box, downstairs, undisturbed.

About half an hour later, Papa took her out to the backyard to perch her on the pear tree to see if she is ready to get back into the swing of things.

She was! As soon as he opened the box held near a high branch, she flew out energetically. A beautiful sight!

Remembering The Boy Who Drew Birds, as an afterthought, we wondered if we could have tied a small silver thread on her wee leg to recognize her when she came back to our feeder later.

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