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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

One morning last week, Ana told me she had an idea for a project and she wanted to come back from school and do it that afternoon. Sure enough, she remembered and asked me to assemble the materials when we got home: needles with different colored threads, pin cushion, beads, paper, scissors, and pencil. I set them out on the table for her and went about my business.

When she was done, she declared it is the father's day card she made for Appa!

Of course, she is not clued in to keeping things a surprise till the appointed date, so, she proudly showed it to him when he came home that day :)

All that was left was to 'finish' the card - tape it on to a backing paper, add the words, some original art: the oil pastel+water color picture she painted is supposedly a birthday cake machine - it makes cakes for parties.

Then, with her help in gluing the mulberry paper and holding down ribbons and such, we made a small photo album: Just 2 pages, holding about 6 photos - 6 goofy and cute photos of the kids - to adorn D's desk.

A very simple project using: card stock paper for front and back cover, mulberry paper for pretty outer wrapper, glue, organdy ribbons. Accordion fold the mulberry paper for the pages of the album, glue it down. Can sew the spine, we just fastened with organdy ribbon.

When Oggie was at the book store with me last week, he helped pick out a book for Appa. All about tartans and clans. I am sure D will enjoy it better than me.

A simple brunch of home-garden steaming radish greens dal and brussel sprouts curry, served with plain hot basmati rice seemed just the thing for the soggy chill day. And, a nice warm cup of chai with Spinach & Napa cabbage Croquettes with fresh garden mint chutney hit the spot for an early afternoon snack. (Of course, D being D, he told the kids that the croquettes were fried turds. Ewwww indeed!)

Since Ana's heart was set on brushing the Alligator's teeth at the Children's Museum, we spent the afternoon there. Oggie loves to run wild at the Children's Museum, and I don't blame him. Poor guy spends way too much time with his Amma who engages him as best as she can, but, nothing compared to the activities that the Children's Museum provides. Since Dads get in free on Father's Day, seemed like a nice thing to do.

Of course, the day isn't complete for me unless I talk to my dad to tell him how wonderful he is. Phone lines being what they are, my heart sank a bit when I couldn't connect to my parents' home the first few tries... I could send email, but it is not the same as a conversation, albeit long distance. But I was glad to have been able to chat, even if briefly, thanks to Ana and Oggie screaming at each other and following me around while I am on the phone telling my dad in as sincere a way as possible how blessed I feel to be raised in a loving home. He dismissed it, saying he didn't do much for us, naturally.

With age comes the realization that all the spreading the wings and flying away to make a nest of one's own is rather over-rated. It feels terrible that the two greatest souls I can think of are far away, alone, and me doing what Nature intended with a heavy heart...

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At 6:44 AM, Blogger Kristine said...

I can't wait until my little one is old enough to come up with her own projects and is it so warm hearted that she wanted to do it for her Dad. What a beautiful girl!

At 12:58 PM, Blogger Kavs said...

I can completely relate to your feeling - i often think it's unfair that the two people for whom i will always be their little girl live away from me!

At 8:48 AM, Blogger Sheela said...

Thanks, Kristine! Very sweet comment, makes me smile every time I read it :)

Thanks, Kavs, yeah, so true - being a little girl in their eyes rejuvenates me, and at the same time, makes me feel inadequate for not doing more for my parents.


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