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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Pasg Hapus!

Since Ana arrived, Easter has come to mark a non-denominational spring celebration of sorts in our household. We color some eggs and have our own little version of egg hunt in the backyard.

The first year, we just hid the eggs around the house as it was terribly cold to let Ana wander around in the yard early Sunday morning. Now that Oggie is catching on fast, we feel motivated to keep up the tradition.

Over the last week or so, we read some Easter and bunny themed books. Here Comes T.Rex Cottontail (by Lois G. Grambling, illustrated by Jack E. Davis) seems to have appealed equally to both Ana and Og, among the casual picks. I didn't like it much, but that doesn't matter :)

Ana seems smitten with Rechenka's Eggs (Patricia Polacco) and wanted to color some of her eggs à la Babushka.

Just like last year, we went with mostly hard-boiled eggs for coloring, and some blown eggs for making into ornaments to hang indoors... we just used markers and food coloring, not much painting despite being inspired by Rechenka's Eggs.

And, typically, since we end up coloring way too many boiled eggs, I use them to make either a simple egg curry which kids don't mind or a spicy Gulai Telur which is D's favorite.

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