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Friday, March 19, 2010

Rediscovering some old faves

Not that there is a dearth of excellent books, but, somehow the little mommy-brain of mine was curious to see how Og would take to some of Ana's favorite books at that age.

Sure enough, judging by the repeat read requests, rapt attention, poring over the details, trying to recite them back to me, quite a few old faves have exercised their magic once again... this time with Oggie.

I Took the Moon for a Walk (review).

Alison Jay's characteristic and unique crackle-finish illustrations make this one of my favorites. Oggie seems smitten with the moon - be it full or crescent or gibbous. He enjoys identifying the clock, owl, swing, swans, dogs, cat and such in each page. Besides the moon and the boy, of course.
who's hiding? children's book review satoru onishiWho's Hiding? (review)
I love this book. I love the concept, the presentation and the interactive fun aspect of the book. Looks like Og loves it way more than I remember Ana doing.
Shoe Baby (review)
Ana fell in love with it as she was in the shoe-obsession phase when we first read it. The vibrant colors and action-oriented illustrations make this a favorite with me too. Oggie seems to like just about everything in this book, even the pink cockatoo.
Orange Pear Apple Bear (review)
A simple yet simply mind-blowing book. One of the books I used early on to help Ana get confident with her reading skills. Oggie just points out the items, without regard to the nuance now. But, he just turned two, so I guess it's OK :)
Bear Wants More (review)
Rhyme, rhythm, meter is one of the best parts about reading books to kids, for me. This book has lovely illustrations and a delightfully simple story. Easy for kids to follow along and fairly easy for kids to recite from memory. Oggie seems intrigued by this book - he understands the individual words in the repeated refrain "Bear" "wants" "more" but is not quite sure what the bear wants more of :)
Dr. Seuss' ABC's.
One of the few abecedary books I fell in love with. Sure enough, Oggie has started requesting that he be picked up, just like Ana, and held up, upside down, so he can "walk" on the ceiling à la Camel on the Ceiling C..c...C. Dr.Seuss is much loved in our household, our bookshelves stocked with his amazing works.
Alphabeasts (review)
My favorite abecedary book on our bookshelf, thanks to Wallace Edwards' brilliant illustrations and choice of animals to portray in comical and incongruous settings. Just like Ana, Oggie likes to stare at the pictures, drink in the detail and not turn the pages in a hurry.
Jamberry (review)
A fun book to read aloud. Especially in summer - our berry-picking season. I just started reading this to Oggie and it looks like the rhymes and pictures appeal to him. Ana used to be able to recite cover-to-cover two years ago, but, now she tries to read it aloud and that makes it very rewarding for me.
My granny went to market book review stella Blackstone barefoot booksMy Granny Went To Market (review)
This is another of those books on our book shelves, non-hardcover, that is struggling to stay in shape thanks to frequent handling. In between waiting for our requests from the library, Ana likes to pick this up - the exotic images of countries and animals and things make this almost magical for her. Now, Oggie seems to like it for its counting exercise as well.
Mouse Paint Ellen Stoll walshMouse Paint (review)
Charming little book. Helped Ana start mixing colors on her own. Oggie just likes the playful mice and likes to point out the colors on each page: "boo", "o-ren", "yellow", "reth", "geen" and so on
Everyone Poops
I have no idea why kids like this book. Ana liked it a lot a couple of years ago when Nana got it for her, now Oggie likes it too. For some reason, my adult mind finds the illustrations a bit uncomfortable to look at. It is about bowel movement - the fact that every one poops - presented in a fairly child-friendly way. Elephant makes a big poop, Mouse makes a tiny ... it talks about how some animals poop and not pay attention while others clean up after themselves... I am still grappling with it, hoping it plays its part in potty training at least :)

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At 1:55 AM, Blogger Playing by the book said...

I've loved "rediscovering" old favourites with my youngest - but also I've found some new ones with my youngest which I wish I'd known about for my eldest.

At 6:46 AM, Blogger Sheela said...

::Playing by the book:: Isn't that the case though? Some really nice books for 0-3s are crossing my path as well - maybe because I am keeping my eyes open more these days - that I wish I had them when Ana was little :)


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