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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Love and Roast Chicken

love and roast chicken trickster's tale from andes book reviewLove and Roast Chicken
A Trickster Tale from the Andes Mountains
written and illustrated by Barbara Knutson (2004)

Suggested age: 5-8 years
Country/Region:Andean South America
Category: Folklore, Humor, Multicultural

Trickster's tales worldwide typically deal with the use of trickery to outwit strong opponents against whom mere physical combat would lead to certain defeat. Author Barbara Knutson's notes that a trickster's tale usually is about a small animal (or a person), who uses brains instead of force to compete against bigger fiercer character.

Love and Roast Chicken is a trickster's tale from the Andes mountain, where the traditional trickster is the small gray fox. However, this is a special story about a quick-thinking guinea pig, Cuy, as the trickster who manages to escape the clutches of Tío Antonio, the wily fox, through a series of clever capers that is bound to elicit a chuckle or two from the young readers.

Head on over to CROCUS 2009 at Saffron Tree to read more...

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