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Monday, August 27, 2007

soap box derby 2007

What is it that has Ana's and my keen attention, you ask?

We had gone to cheer the participants at this year's soap box derby.

As we live not too far away from Mount Tabor, and we take her to the children's park there on and off, it seemed like a good opportunity to introduce Ana to the local annual event, and D gets to check out the new designs in the hope that someday he will come up with his own soap box race car :-)

Well, it was this little mobile that Ana absolutely was fascinated with:

soap box derby 2007
It is hard to tell from this "action" picture, but it is a circus mobile of sorts with all kinds of animals - tiger, giraffe, elephant and such... naturally :-)

We didn't stay till finish as Ana was getting anxious to jump up from our vantage spot on the wayside - about 2 feet from the course/road - and try to follow the vehicle!


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