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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Journey from Children's Book Reader to Children's Book Author

For over a decade now, I've passionately written about children's books here as well as at Saffron Tree, on and off.

What started as a place to record the books my kids and I enjoyed reading turned into a venue for me to champion for all the published gems that filled me with comfort and delight and gratification and pure exhilaration...

Among other things that I write about in this blog, of late I've focused on sharing the books that came my way, books that my kids enjoyed, books that I wish I had written!

And, finally, here is a book that I have written:

Co-authored with my dear friend Praba Ram from Saffron Tree, the book is illustrated by none other than our flyer-girl and artist-par-excellence, Lavanya Karthik, published by Mango, Children's Imprint of DC Books.

The wonderful D.C. Books, who are placed among the TOP 5 Literary Publishing Houses of India, have a rich collection of children's book through their Children's Imprint, Mango. I am happy that our book has joined their illustrious ranks now.

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