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Saturday, February 06, 2016

Kids Cards: Valentine Cards: PvZ Friendships for Fun

Valentine Cards: PvZ Friendships for Fun

The younger child has been a huge Plants versus Zombies fan for a couple of years now. The various plants and their powers fascinated him enough to come up with a whole set of plants on his own. Like, Push Bush (pushes zombies two squares away), Bamboom (bamboo that explodes at zombies, sort of like cherry bomb or potato mine only more zen), Plant-in (sounds like plaintain, but is a plant in which you can plant other plants so that they have extended powers), Booberry (Boos at zombies and makes them go back), to name a few.

Anyway, his heart was set on making PvZ Valentines this year just for fun. What can define friendship and peace better than the plants and zombies coming together on this special day?

Kids Cards: Valentine Cards: Plants versus zombies Friendships for Fun

He had a lot of fun pairing up a particular zombie with a particular plant, and then coming up with a Valentine-like message for the card. We also added the names of each plant and zombie so that our curious friends can look it up and learn more.

Kids Cards: Valentine Cards: PvZ Friendships for Fun

Of course, that alone is not enough, so, he wanted to add a fun PvZ-themed crossword to the Valentine card. But, I talked him out of it for now. So, we just did themed animals Double Puzzle instead.

Valentine Cards: PvZ Friendships for Fun

All in all, a creative and enjoyable exercise in making these unique and fun Valentine cards this year.

In his spare time, he hand-wrote a whole story book much like Plant Your Path Junior Novel where the reader makes a choice at each critical point in the story to go forward. Example, you have come to a fork in the road as you are fleeing from a wave of zombies; if you want to take left turn go to page 26; if you want to take right turn go to page 72; or something like that. So, if you as a reader chose left turn you continue the story from page 26. Some choices end in disaster, some take you towards a favorable ending (where Zombies don't eat your brains). It has become a favorite bedtime read, where he reads it aloud to me and I get to choose the path the story takes each time.

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