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Monday, March 05, 2012

Random tidbits...

... at home that made me smile, and sometimes, laugh out loud.

When D sincerely brought home Ramona and her Father by Beverley Cleary, the next one Ana was waiting to read in the series,  she absolutely refused to read it citing: 'The illustrations are weird and it makes me unhappy.'

Turns out D had picked up the version illustrated by Alan Tiegreen (orange cover) which is a bit quirky compared to the Tracy Dockray illustrations that Ana got used to with the first 3 books.

And, of course, the Tracy Dockray illustrated Ramona and her Father was devoured with pleasure when we managed to borrow it from the library.

Illustrations in chapter books are just as important, I guess... at least to a certain 6 yo.

[image sources:,]

Oggie, being close to four, loves a reaction; an especially hysterical and disproportionate one that his 6 year old sister manages to offer on a pretty consistent basis. So, naturally, when he is bored, he seeks out this form of entertainment, which is in endless supply at home. And that's when I get to hear:

" Ana! I farted in your room!"

"Ana! I pulled my undies down and sat on your bed!"

"Ana! Look! Your doll is naked now, I took off its clothes!"

"Ana! I took something out of your cubby - come and see!"

And it doesn't matter if all he took was his own pair of socks that he deliberately put in her cubby to take out and let her worry about it...

Well, of course, Ana gives as good as she gets, but in a more crafty way than I expect from the usually docile little girl...

"Mama, look! I made a cutie Spring mitten for Og. It even has a heart sewed on. I am going to make more and more of these. And then I want to sell them. How much can I sell them for, Mama? How about 10 dollars? Then, we'll have lots of money, and we can give some of it to kids who are hungry in the world."

"Why does everything say 'Made in China', Mama?"

"I really wish I get a guinea pig for my 7th birthday. A guinea pig and a dog."

I have this self-imposed restriction on things I should post here - rather, things I shouldn't: no detailed medical data that will compromise kids' privacy, nothing jarringly personal along the lines of 'too much information', minimal kids-say-the-darndest-things quotes, nothing negative, nothing controversial... I just want it to be a pleasant place I'd like to hang out in, a place where I can celebrate the positive things, the things we like as we take this journey of life together...

But then again, what are rules for if I don't break them every once in a while?! ☺



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